What software do I need for a small business?

Not so very long ago, starting a business was a very complicated thing to do. As well as finding your premises, there was also stock to organize and employees to hire.

Transport yourself forward again, and you’ll find that many of the tasks can now be completed more effectively and efficiently, thanks to technology.

There are countless software programs to choose from, making it so much easier to run a business. Whether you want to run a business from your kitchen table, or the other side of the world, you can do it.

Automated Marketing Tools

Finding an audience to sell your products to can be very challenging for the small business owner. Online Marketing is an essential part of your routine, but often one you can’t find the time for. Unfortunately, if you can’t find any customers, your business is going to go bust. 

Automated marketing tools can come to the rescue by acting as your very own marketing assistant. As well as creating product ads or offering discounts to customers, it can also send reminders for you to post on social media.

Google Products

Google has a good range of products that the small business owner can take advantage of. Use Google Docs for writing your website content, and Google Sheets for creating budgets.

Google Analytics is also a useful tool to have in your toolbox because it provides valuable information relative to the performance of your website. There’s even a keyword planner that will help you choose the right keywords to rank for on your blog and webpages.

Design Tools

Design tools such as CircuitStudio by Altium can help streamline the design process, thereby making it more productive.

They are used to influence the process of production, expression, and the perception of design ideas. The need for pencil and paper is a thing of the past. Computers have become an important part of the design process.

Video Conferencing Tools

If you make use of remote workers, a video conferring tool is going to be essential when it comes to communication. You’ll be able to use it for chatting to your freelancing team, network with others in the industry, and conduct interviews for any job vacancies that occur.

Remote Worker Tracking

Are you going to be employing freelancers or remote workers for your business? There are software programs that can record a workers screen while they’re working on your business.

You’ll be able to track how much work they’re doing. As well as tracking when they’re working, you’ll also be able to see how they do their job and see whether there are things that can be done to make a person more productive.

Accounting Software

Doing the books has to feature low on the list of fun things to do, and if you’re a small business owner, there will be plenty of other tasks you can be getting on with if your accounting processes are being organized with the help of some accounting software.

It’ll help you track your finances, keep track of your bills, manage payroll, set up payments, create invoices, and manage taxes.

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